Core Values

The IFM staff maintains an attitude and behaviour consistent with her vision and mission by adhering to a code of ethics which promotes the best professional practices and exercise academic freedom. They will promote a culture that is guided by seven core values – customer focus, accountability, teamwork, fairness, integrity, competence and excellence in all endeavours of the Institute.

Customer Focus

Being customer-driven in all endeavours of the Institute, sensitive and responsive to customer needs, and demonstrating high commitment to customer care and satisfaction.


Exercising high fidelity, honest, faithful and trustworthy; professional, credible and dependable; diligent in duty and responsibility; committed to IFM, vision, mission and goals and having the Institute’s best interest at heart.


Treating people equally; demonstrating objectivity; observing, upholding and practicing justice in all matters; avoiding bias, prejudice and discrimination; applying uniform rules and standards and, advocating and practicing equal opportunities to all.


Being responsible, diligent and ethical in decision making, transactions, dealings and performances. The Institute of Finance Management 40th Anniversary Booklet


Upholding and promoting the culture of team spirit to create synergy in operations, commonality of purpose and unity of direction; avoiding conflicts and divisiveness at the place of work and acting like a family.


Being knowledgeable, resourceful, research-oriented and professional in conduct; relentless and continuous quest for the highest frontiers of knowledge, experience, skills and best practice.


Prompt service to all and at all times; striving for unique and exemplary attainment in service delivery; effective and efficient in performance; professional and diligent to duty; result and business-oriented in attitude, communication, appearance and action.