Government Institution of Higher Learning

IFM is a government higher learning Institution that provides equal learning opportunity for all. It was established to serve Tanzania’s general public. It enjoys sound and excellent rapport and stable relations with the government. It is determined and dedicated to promote customer satisfaction, integrity, fairness, accountability, teamwork, competence, transparency, excellence and social responsibility in all its dealings with the public.

Strategic Location

IFM is located at the intersection of Samora Avenue and Shaaban Robert Streets within the central business district and commercial hub of the city of Dar es Salaam. It is just a stone’s throw away from the Bank of Tanzania, major commercial banks, insurance companies, pension funds and other financial giants of the country. IFM is also situated directly opposite to the National Museum where students spend their leisure time learning the history of Tanzania. Moreover, it enjoys easy proximity to major hospitals and health centres as well as the legendary Indian ocean where students visit the beautiful beach spots.

Easy Proximity to Commuter Services and Other Means of Transport

IFM enjoys easy connectivity with terminals of the major means of transport – railway, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere International Airport, and Dar es Salaam harbour. It also enjoys proximity to the terminals of city’s commuter services such as city buses (Daladala), and ferry station. As such both local and international students can easily find their way to IFM.

Competence-Based Curricula

IFM offers competence-based training programmes and courses that are accredited with the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE). A competence-based curriculum differs from a knowledge-based curriculum in that while the latter emphasise impartation of knowledge while the former is designed to build abilities, skills, and attitude of the learner.

Modern Library Facilities

For an educational institution the library is the cornerstone of academic life. The two-floor IFM library has the capacity to serve information needs of scholars, professionals and the general public. The IFM library has more than 21,420 volumes of books with a sitting capacity of 450 people at a time. In additional to normal lending reference and special reserve collection, it houses a rich collection of about 3,500 World Bank Publications. There are four professional librarians and eight trained library assistant librarians who man the library. Apart from borrowing arrangements with other educational institutions such as the University of Dar es salaam library, the IFM library also has access to online resources including electronic journals and books.

Modern Classrooms, Theatres and Well Equipped Computer Labs

A total of 27 modern classrooms, 10 theatres and 8 well equipped computer labs and one Functions hall, all air conditioned, combine to create a conducive learning environment for students.

Highly Competent, Skilled and Motivated Faculty

IFM has a total of 193 academic staff comprising of 26 PhD holders, 115 master degree holders, 52 bachelor degree and advanced diploma holders. It is believed that IFM’s faculty is the strongest within NACTE institutions. Further, while faculty of most higher learning institutions in Tanzania are trained to deliver knowledge-based training, IFM’s faculty is trained to deliver competence-based training.

Computing Resources and Internet Connectivity

IFM students and staff enjoy both computing facilities and internet connectivity. While students use computer labs for their computing activities, all offices of members of academic staff are equipped with modern computers. Both student and staff have access to wireless and LAN-based internet connectivity.

Industrial Harmony

IFM enjoys probably the best industrial harmony track record in the training sector in Tanzania. Customer focus is a highly treasured cultural value at IFM. The Institute strives to ensure both internal and external customer satisfaction by continuously identifying emerging customer and stakeholder needs and monitoring sources of complaints and dissatisfaction through staff welfare departments and associations. As a result, management/staff/students coexist in stable and harmonious relations.

A Broad Menu of Training Programmes

IFM offers 37 different programmes and courses. This is the broadest menu of training programmes provided by any NACTE institution and probably any higher learning institution in Tanzania in the area of financial studies, that is, banking, insurance, social protection, accounting and taxation. There is a total of 21 undergraduate and 16 graduate programmes.