Bachelor of Science in Taxation (BSc- Taxation)


This qualification intends to equip students with the ability to analyse, evaluate, implement and monitor taxation policies.

Programme Objectives

The graduates from this programme will be competent and able to;

i. Understand and apply taxation knowledge and skills relating to tax audit and investigation techniques

ii. Assist the government, public and private sectors in obtaining qualified personnel to build their confidence in financial and socio−economic aspects of taxation

iii. Assess and administer both direct and indirect taxation

Programme Duration

The Programme runs for three (3) years.

Tuition Fee Structure

i) For Tanzanians is Tshs. 1,500,000 payable in two installments.

ii) For Foreign Students is US$ 1,800 payable in two installments.

Entry Qualifications

Entry Requirement and Eligibility

Direct Entry:  Two principal passes at A-level. Those without a principal pass or subsidiary pass in Mathematics must have a credit at O-level.

Equivalent qualification:  Diploma in Tax Management, Accounting, Business Administration, Procurement and Supplies Management, Economics or Banking and Finance an average of “B” or GPA of 3.0,   and at least four passes (excluding religious subjects) at O-level.


Curriculum Structure

Year I  Semester I

Subject Code Subject Name
GSU 07103 Communication skills
GSU 07101 Development Studies
MTU07101 Business Mathematics
ECU 07101 Micro economics
GSU 07102 Business law
AFU 07101 Principles of Accounting
  Semester II
TMU 07202 Taxation Theories
MTU 07201 Business Statistics I
ITU07204 Introduction to Computers
AFU 07202 Introduction to Financial Accounting
TMU 07201 Income Taxation I
ECU 07202 Macro economics
RMU 721 Field work
  Year II Semester III
AFU 07305 Intermediate Financial Accounting
TMU 07304 Income Taxation II
TMU 07303 Indirect Taxation I
AFU07304 Corporate finance
ECU 07310 Economics of Taxation
ECU 07306 Managerial Economics (Elective)
MG 731 Principles of Management (Elective)
  Semester IV
TMU7405 Indirect Taxation Laws II
TMU7406 Income Taxation laws II
AFU07408 Research Methodology
RM007401 Business Statistics II
MTU07401 Financial Reporting
RM742 Field Practical Work
BFU07402 Credit and Lending (Elective)
AFU07403 Cost Accounting (Elective)
  Year III Semester V
TMU 08501 Tax Appeals Laws and Procedures
TMU 08502 Indirect Taxation III
ECU 08504 Public Finance
AFU 08502 Auditing and Assurance Services
MSU 08502 Entrepreneurship
ITU 08507 Electronic Business (Elective)
MTU08501 Operational research (Elective)
MSU 08501 Strategic management (Elective)
  Semester VI
TMU 08605 Tax Procedures
TMU 08606 International Taxation
TMU 08603 Tax Audit and Investigation
TMU 08607 Tax Analysis and Revenue Forecasting
TMU 08602 Local Government Tax Administration
AFU 08608 Project Management (Elective)
MSU 08609 Business Innovation and Planning (Elective)


Carrier Opportunities

The Programme intends to produce candidates with wide knowledge and skills capable of making tax analysis and revenue forecasting.

The programme is intended to produce responsible and creative graduates who will deal with taxation aspects.