Basic Technician Certificate in Social Protection (BTCSP)


This qualification is intended for a person who will be able to apply knowledge and skills in social protection programmes such as social insurance benefits, social safety nets, and poverty alleviation programs.

Tuition Fee Structure

i) For Tanzanians is Tshs. 800,000 payable in two installments.

ii) For Foreign Students is US $ 1,000 payable in two installments.

Entry Qualifications

Entry Requirement and Eligibility

A Form four certificate with at least four passes (excluding religious subjects). For BTCC & IT, one of the four passes must be in Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry. 


Curriculum Structure

 Semester I

Subject Code Subject Name
SPT04101 Elements of Social Protection
SPT04102 Fundamentals of Health Insurance
IRT04101 Essentials of risk management
IRT04102 Fundamentals of Insurance
MTT04101 Elements of Business Mathematics and Statistics
GST04101 Elementary Business Communication
Semester II  
SPT04203 Elements of MicroInsurance
SPT04204 Introduction to Law Related to Social Security
IRT04203 Basics of short term insurance
IRT04204 Basics of long term insurance
ITT04205 Basic Information Technology Applications
BFT04203 Elements of Commerce
SPT04205 Field Practical Work


Carrier Opportunities

This programme is based upon the philosophy which seeks to set the basis for producing able, responsible and innovative technicians to deal with the administration of social security programmes designed in response to the socio−economic demands of the nation.