Management Team

  • Rector - Prof. Tadeo A. Satta

    ADB (IFM), PGDFM (IFM), MBA Financial Mgt (Hull), PhD. Finance (Manchester).

  • Deputy Rector - Academic, Research and Consultancy (Acting) - Dr. Imanueli D. Mnzava

    B.Com-Finance (UDSM) PGDFM (IFM), MSc. Finance (Strathclyde), PhD. Finance (Strathclyde). 

  • Deputy Rector - Planning, Finance and Administration (Acting) - Dr. Abeid  F. Gasper

    B.Com-Accounting (UDSM), MSc. Finance (Strathclyde), PhD. Accounting (Southampton)

  • Director of Policy and Planning - Dr. Suleiman R. Mohammed

    BSc. Education (UDSM), PGDFM (IFM), MSc. Finance (Strathclyde), PhD. Finance (Strathclyde).

  • Director of Postgraduate, Research & Consultancy (Acting) - Dr. Josephat Lotto

    BSc. Geology (UDSM), CPA (T) (NBAA), MBA Finance (UDSM), MSc Finance (Strathclyde), PhD. Finance (Strathclyde).

  • Director of Undergraduate Studies - Dr. Shaban J. Ngole

    Diploma in Education (Monduli TTC), B.Com-Accounting (UDSM), MSc. Accounting and Finance (Birmingham City), PhD. Accounting and Finance (Leeds).

  • Director of Computer Services(Acting) - Dr. Herman Mandari

    BSc. Computer Science (UDSM), MSc. Web Technology (Southampton), PhD in Mobile Government Service (UTAR).

  • Registrar - Dr. Said S. Jafari

    BSc. Computer Science (UDSM), MSc. Information Technology and Management (Avinashilingam), PhD. Computer Science (Dublin Institute of Technology).

  • Director of Library Services (Acting) - Dr. Vincent T. Msonge

    BA. Education (UDSM), MA. Information Studies (UDSM), PhD. Information Studies (UDSM).

  • Director of Human Resources and Administration - Mr. Hassan H. Semkiwa

    BA. Public Administration (UDSM), MA. Public Policy (I.S.S.), PGD in Law, Mediation and Arbitration (I.S.W.)

  • Director of Finance (Acting) – Ms. Christina Akwilin

    ADA (IFM), ACPA (T) (NBAA), MSc. Finance (Strathclyde).

  • Director of Internal Audit - Dr.Emmanuel  M. Sadiki

    Diploma in Accounting (DSA) MBA Finance (UDSM), CPA (T) (NBAA), PhD. Economics (UM-KL).

  • Dean of Students - Mr. Hamis M. Kihongoa

    Diploma in Ed. (Morogoro T.C.), B.Ed (UDSM), MA. Ed (UDSM).

  • Dean - Faculty of Accounting, Banking and Finance (FABF) (Acting) - Dr. Ernest Mabonesho

    Diploma in Education (MTC), BED. Commerce (UDSM), MSc. International Accounting and Financial studies (Strathclyde), PhD Accounting and Finance (Strathclyde).

  • Dean - Faculty of Computing, Information systems and Mathematics (FCIM) - Dr Faraja T. Igira

    ADCS (IFM), MSc. Information Systems (Oslo), PhD. Information System (Oslo).

  • Dean - Faculty of Insurance and Social Protection (FISP) (Acting) - Dr. Kadida Mashaushi

    B.ComAccounting (UDSM), PGDA (IFM), MBA Information Management (Hull), PhD. Finance (Leeds).

  • Dean - Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences (FEMS) -Dr. Grace K. Kazoba

    Diploma in Law (Mzumbe), LLB (UDSM), LLM (Pretoria), PhD. Law (UDSM).