Masters of Science (MSc) in Human Resource Management


Programme Objectives

The Master of Science (MSc) in Human Resource Management at NTA level 9 is geared towards producing competent graduates with master’s degree in human resource management who will work as strategic human resource managers at senior level positions in public and private sectors.

The specific objectives of the programme are:

i. To apply knowledge, skills and understanding in a broad range of complex technical activities in the field of human resource management, including ability to analyse contemporary and emerging issues in human resource management and adapting them to the changing realities of their work situations.

ii. To use appropriate skills, knowledge, techniques, models, and principles to perform the human resource processes of human resource planning and acquisition, training and development, performance and compensation management, and employment relations

iii. To apply appropriate human resource skills to improve organisational performance through planning and the design of effective organisational structure and work systems, staffing, designing appropriate reward and compensation schemes that will attract, motivate and retain potential members of the organisation.

iv. To facilitate the role of other managers in building an organisation-wide culture of excellence through effective motivation, leadership, teamwork, conflict management, creativity, innovation, and organisational commitment, and relating effectively and appropriately with others in the management team as well as subordinates.

v. To work independently and collectively to solve problems, and make strategic decisions relating to human resource management in their work places as  well as ability to apply knowledge and skills to conduct research in human resource management, championing organisational change and diversity, and advocating organisational learning.

Programme Duration

The Programme runs for 18 Months.

Tuition Fee Structure

i) For Tanzanians is 4,800,000.

ii) For Foreign Students is US$2,400.

Entry Qualifications


Entry Requirement and Eligibility

Either first degree or advanced diploma with at least a second class, or a first degree or advanced diploma (with a pass class), and a good postgraduate diploma in the related field from a recognized higher learning institution.


Programme Structure

Semester I

Subject Code Subject Name
MS09102 Management Processes and Functions
MS09106 Quantitative Methods
MS09103 Organisational Behaviour
MS09104 Strategic Management
MS09101 Nature of Human Resource Management
RM09201 Research Methodology
 Semester II  
MS 09105 Human Resourcing Processes
MS 09202 Training and Development
MS 09203 Performance and Compensation Management
MS 09204 Labour Law
MS 09205 Industrial Relations
  Elective Modules (At least one)
MS09207 Labour Economics
MS09208 Management Information System
AC950 Accounting for Decision-making


Carrier Opportunities

This programme is intended to facilitate graduates to acquire skills and knowledge that satisfy the needs of employers as well as self- employment, the society at large, and to practice human resource management at national and international levels. Graduates from this programme will be flexible and able to meet challenges of the job market