Ordinary Diploma in Information Technology (ODIT)


This programme is designed to equip students with fundamental knowledge and professional skills in information technology to prepare them for work and further studies in several areas of interest related to IT.

Programme Objective

The graduates of this programme will be competent and able to;

(i) Use analytical skills to analyse, design, manage and administer computer based information systems in an organisation.

(ii) Apply productively latest technology in Information Technology field.

(iii) Use IT tools to solve business problems and take advantages of business opportunities and provide recommendations that will help an organisation to achieve its objectives.

(iv) Enroll in a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science or any related discipline of study at NTA level 7

 Programme Duration

The programme runs for two (2) years where Ordinary Diploma in Information Technology is awarded upon successfully completion of two National Technical Awards programmes at level 5 (NTA 5) and level 6 (NTA 6).

Tuition Fee Structure

i) For Tanzanians is Tshs. 1,400,000 payable in two installments.

ii) For Foreign Students is US $ 1,400 payable in two installments

Entry Qualifications

Entry Requirement and Eligibility

Direct Entry: Holder of Certificate of Secondary Education with four (4) Passes in NonReligious Studies and Advanced Certificate of Secondary Examination. One Principle Pass and two Subsidiary Pass in either Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry otherwise O’Level should have Credit in Mathematics.

Equivalent qualification: Holder of certificate of secondary education examination (CSEE) with four passes in non religious subjects and Holder of basic technician certificate in computer engineering, telecommunication and electronics engineering and information technology


Curriculum Structure

Year I Semester I

Subject Code Subject Name
CST05101 Programming I
CST05102 Introduction to Data Communications
GST05101 Introduction to Communication Skills
ITT05101 Fundamentals of Website Design
ITT05102 Introduction to Computer Systems
MTT05101 Basic Mathematics and Statistics
Semester II  
CST05203 Basic Operating Systems
CST05204 Introduction to Computer Networks
CST05205 Fundamentals of Database Management
ITT05203 Introduction to Electronic Commerce
ITT05204 Desktop Publishing
ITT05205 Introduction to Information Systems
ITT05206 Field Practical Training
Year II Semester I  
GSD06101 Business Communication
MTD06102 Mathematics and Statistics
ITD06101 Fundamentals of Systems Analysis and Design
ITD06102 Business Application Packages
CSD06103 Fundamentals of Computer Security
GSD06101 Business Communication
ITD06103 Introduction to Management Information Systems (Elective)
GSD06102 Principles of Marketing (Elective)
Semester II  
MSD06201 Fundamentals of Management
ITD06204 Maintenance of Computer Systems
ITD06205 Introduction to Multimedia Systems
ITD06206 Introduction to Business Intelligence
ITD06207 Project Work
MSD06201 Fundamentals of Management
MSD06202 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship (Elective)
ITD06208 Introduction to E- Government (Elective)

Industry Connections

At the end of year one students undertake a field placement where they work in different organizations for eight weeks. Field placement provides students with practical experience and industry contacts that will benefit their academic study and longer-term career.

In the last semester during the second year students undertakes a project (ITD06207 Project Work) that simulates working in industry. In this project students apply skills in software 3 application development. Many students tackle real-world problems for their projects, with the close involvement and supervision of lecturers and industry partners.


Carrier Opportunities

Graduates of this programme find employment as Information Technology support technicians in a wide variety of settings.