Ordinary Diploma in Social Protection (ODSP)


This qualification is designed to train participants to have competencies in the field of social protection who will work at supervisory or junior management positions in the social welfare sectors.

Programme Objectives

At the end of the programme, candidate will be able to;

i. Describe complex issues of social and economic development problems that are raising concern for the need for public policy.

ii. Use theoretical tools of public finance in designing and administering social policy.

iii. Apply social protection skills to target and design a social protection system, including the mechanisms  for its administration, financing and sustainability, as well as applying various components of social security legislation in a country’s social protection system.

Programme Duration

The programme runs for two (2) years where Ordinary Diploma in Social Protection is awarded upon successfully completion of two National Technical Awards programmes at level 5 (NTA 5) and level 6 (NTA 6)

Tuition Fee Structure

i) For Tanzanians is Tshs. 1,200,000 payable in two installments.

ii) For Foreign Students is US$ 1,200 payable in two installments

Entry Qualifications

Entry Requirement and Eligibility

Direct Entry: Holder of Form six certificates with at least a principal and a subsidiary pass (excluding religious subjects).

Equivalent qualification: A Form Four certificate with at least four passes (religious subjects not counted) and with NTA level 4 i.e. Basic Certificate from a recognized higher learning institution. For ODCS and ODIT, one of the passes at O – level must be in Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry.


Curriculum Structure

Year I Semester I

Subject Code Subject Name
SPT05101 Introduction to Social Security
IRT05102 Introduction to Risk Management
ECT 05101 Elements of Economics
GST 05102 Development Studies
MTT 05101 Mathematics & Statistics
GST 05101 Basic Communication Skills
Semester II  
SP 05202 Administration of a Pension Scheme
SPT05203 Administration of a Social Health Insurance Scheme
SPT05204 Law Related to Social Security
AFT05204 Basics of Corporate Finance
IRT05205 Introduction to theories and practice of Life assurance
ITT 05207 Introduction to Computers
Year II Semester III  
SPD 06101 Fundamentals of Welfare Economics
SPD 06102 Legal Aspects of Social Protection
SPD 06103 Economic Theory of Insurance
SPD 06104 Micro- Insurance & Social Protection
MTD 06101 Mathematics & Statistics
GSD 06101 Basic Communication Skills
Semester IV  
SPD06205 Administration of Income Security Programs
ECD06201 Principles of Economics
IRD06202 Introduction to Health Insurance
MSD06201 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
MSD06202 Fundamentals of Management
SPD06206 Field Practical Work


Carrier Opportunities

The holder of the qualification will be able to apply social protection knowledge and skills in a broad range of work activities, most of which are non routine and be able to assume operational responsibilities.