IFM Short Courses

The Institute of Finance Management offers a number of short courses to address emerging needs on the market. The short courses are provided based on the Institute calendar or depending on the request. However, for the course to be conducted a required threshold must be met.  The number of short course available includes:


  1. Risk Management

    1. Risk Management For Risk Champions
  1. Management

    1. Developing Performance Measures
    2. Transformational Leadership Management
  1. Sales and Marketing

    1. Sales and Marketing Strategies for Social Security Strategies
    2. Sales and Marketing Strategies for Social Security Scheme
  1. Research

    1. Research Methodology
  1. Insurance

    1. Certificate of Proficient in Insurance (CoP)
    2. Reinsurance and Actuarial Practice
    3. Fundamentals of Insurance
  1. Banking and Finance

    1. Islamic Banking Products
  1. Accounting and Finance

    1. Risk Management and Fraud Control in The Public Sector
    2. Corporate Governance for Financial Institutions
    3. Financial Reporting for Public Sector (IPSAS)
  1. Information Computing Technology

    1. Configuration On Web Hasting And Webhosting
    2. Information Security Management
    3. Organisational ICT Security
    4. Cyber- Security For Decision Makers
    5. Developing And Reviewing ICT Strategies


For more information contact:

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