Sports and recreational activities

The institute recognizes that playing sports is not only good for students’ physical health but also good for improving their mental health.  The office of Dean of students coordinates different sport and recreational activities with the view of making students to; reduce level of anxiety and depression, improve mind concentration and  personal moods, boosts confidence and self esteem, socialize, build team work and time management.

IFM Basket ball (the Dream Team)

Football team (Memorable team)


IFM Netball team ( The queens)

Beach soccer team in group photo after winning the troph

Charity Events

IFM’S Student’s  Organization (IFMSO) organized a charity event  on 6th June 2019 as one of the Corporate Social Responsibility   activity , and  purchase a wheel chair worth 600,000/= for a disabled student at IFM Mr. Kashinde Ngarura.

Charity organizing committee in a group photo with IFM Warden Ms. Swaumu (at the centre).

Kisarawe District Commissioner  Jakate Mwegelo, Warden Saumu Salum and group of students in group photo during charity activities at Kisarwe District Feb.2019