The Institute will continue to be an agent for change in public and private sector development by offering quality market-driven academic and professional training, as well as research and consultancy services.

Core Values

In line with its Vision and the need to fulfil its Mission and live to her philosophy, the IFM will adhere to eight (8) core values, abbreviated as ATTITUDE as described


Demonstrating high degree of accountability to our stakeholders and to the community for the mandated functions of the Institute demonstrating high commitment to customer care and satisfaction.


Seeking to build trust in every interaction with customers and other stakeholders

Transparency and fairness 

Being transparent in our work and dealings, stand ready for public scrutiny as well as applying uniform rules and standards


Promoting unity for effective teamwork


Promoting the culture of team spirit and compassion in order to create synergy in operations

Diversity & gender equity

Embracing diversity and gender equity in the life of the Institute in order to promote gender balance and reap the most from the human resource potentials of the Institute.

Integrity and innovativeness

Demonstrating high fidelity, honesty, faithful and trustworthy behaviour in all our operations as well as embracing new technologies and innovative methods of doing our work

Excellence and efficiency

Delivering prompt and exemplary services to Institute’s stakeholders at all times