Student Accommodation

The Institute of Finance Management uses its limited hostel facility to accommodate students with special needs and some first year students from upcountry only. It should be noted that the Institute does not guarantee accommodation to every first year student or any continuing student.

Institute hostels are located within the campus where core activities take place. Thus, the use of these hostels is strictly controlled by regulations. Students are advised to carefully read Hostel Regulations before application. Hostel Rules and Regulations are available at the Office of Dean of Students.

Continuing students are strongly advised to rent off-campus privately owned hostels. Students are recommended to reside in hostels that have been proved to be secure

The following off-campus hostels are recommended for 2018/2019 academic year.

1. A&A Company's Hostel Kariakoo F 482
2. Kariakoo Lutheran Church Hostel Kariakoo F 80
3. Mwananyamala Hostel Mwananyamala M & F 125
4. Mr.Victor's Hostel Upanga M & F 100
5. Almagatha Executive Hostel Temeke (Mgulani) M 72
6. Mr. Mgonja‟s  (Kibo) Hostel Ubungo Kibo M 65
  TOTAL     924


Hostel Application

Both fresh and continuing students who need to stay in either on-campus or off-campus hostels should apply in advance before the 2018/19 academic year begins. Before given accommodation, students should have paid annual hostel fee as indicated in the fees structure. However, it should be noted that off-campus hostel fees are slightly higher compared to on-campus hostel fees.

Hostel Application Forms for 2018/19 for both Institute Hostels and off campus hostels are available at the Directorate of Student Services or can be accessed through the IFM Website