Directorate of Students Welfare

Directorate encourage students to be better citizens, dynamic leaders, and individuals who are guided by integrity. It is committed to challenging IFM students to broaden their horizon of understanding about culture that respects individual differences, and to make healthy and ethical decisions on various matters surrounding them. It monitors, assesses, investigates to new and changing needs and trends of individual student or groups of students. That is, we are proactive first and reactive second to students issues. We also advocate for policies that provide students with the security and safety they need to be socially and academically successful.

Specific Services offered or Cordinated

Counseling services

Counseling services are meant to enable student explore solutions for academic, social, psychological and emotional problems or challenges they might face. Student is assisted to take charge of his or her own life. Counseling is strictly confidential; anything discussed in counseling sessions or activities remains undisclosed to others without consent of counselee. Common issues dealt in counseling office are: relationship Issues, family issues, loss and grief, postponement of studies on social grounds ,facilitation of group counseling, preparations, facilitation and making follow up on peer education. However the office offer counseling services during orientation week to help the fresher to adjust to the new academic environment, particularly in time management, access to information, self-discipline as a higher learning student and social networking.

Catering Services

The Institute has made an effort to outsource canteen services within its campus to students and staff. This has relieved students and staff from walking a far distance to search for catering service. The canteen within the Institute provides catering services at affordable prices. There are also several restaurants and hotels close to the Institute which provide the same service in affordable price food at reasonable prices.

Health Services

Currently, the Institute outsourced health service provider who provides health service to students and the entire IFM community. Arrangements have been made with the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) to ensure that each registered student is eligible for health services whenever needs arise. In this arrangement each student have to contribute 50,400/= annually and be provided with NHIF Card.The contribution is mandatory to all registered students not covered by NHIF and other health insurance schemes as it helps to offset the costs of the student health Service. Students who have already been covered with health insurance will have to submit the copy of card to the Dean of Students Office for validity approval. No student will be registered without fulfilling this requirement. However the institute through the Dean of Students Office organizes seminars and workshops on health related issues.

Accommodation Services

The Institute of Finance Management uses its limited hostel facility to accommodate students with special needs, and some first year students from upcountry only. It should be noted that the Institute does not guarantee accommodation to every first year student or any continuing student.

Institute hostels are located within the campus where core activities take place. Thus, the use of these hostels is strictly controlled by regulations. Students are advised to carefully read Hostel Regulations before applying. Hostel Rules and Regulations are available at the Office of the Dean of Students.

Continuing students are strongly advised to rent off-campus privately owned hostels. Students are recommended to reside in hostels that have been proved to be secure.

The following off-campus hostels are recommended for 2019/2020 academic year.


A&A Company's Hostel




Kariakoo Lutheran Church Hostel




Upendo Hostel


Male & Female


Mr. Mgonja‟s  (Kibo) Hostel

Ubungo Kibo



Valley View


Male & Female






Ferry Hostel




Magomeni Mapipa hostel


Male & female

Hostel Application

Both fresh and continuing students who need to stay in either on-campus or off-campus hostels should apply in advance before an academic year begins. Before given accommodation, students should have paid annual hostel fee as indicated in the fee structure. However, it should be noted that off-campus hostel fees are slightly higher compared to on-campus hostel.

Hostel Application Forms for both Institute Hostels and off campus hostels are available at the Directorate of Student Services or can be accessed through the IFM Website

IFM Hostel Application Form........Download Here

Students Health Services

IFM Students donating blood 2022

Sports and recreational activities

The institute recognizes that playing sports is not only good for students’ physical health but also good for improving their mental health.  The office of Dean of students coordinates different sport and recreational activities with the view of making students to; reduce level of anxiety and depression, improve mind concentration and  personal moods, boosts confidence and self esteem, socialize, build team work and time management.

Tamasha la michezo la wanafunzi 2022

Tamasha la michezo la wanafunzi 2022

Charity Services

IFM’S Student’s  Organization (IFMSO) organized a charity event  on 6th June 2019 as one of the Corporate Social Responsibility   activity , and  purchase a wheel chair worth 600,000/= for a disabled student at IFM Mr. Kashinde Ngarura.