The Directorate of Undergraduate Studies is responsible for coordination and administration of teaching and field practices for undergraduate programmes in line with the Institute′s mission and objectives and the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) guidelines. Moreover, the Directorate is responsible for the running and administration of Centres. Currently, the Institute has three Centres namely; Mwanza Teaching Centre (MTC), Dodoma Teaching Centre (DTC) and Sapiwi- Simiyu Teaching Centre.

The Directorate coordinates and monitors the field practices through the Field Coordination Unit (FCU) and it oversees the development of market-driven and competence-based curricula, delivery and assessment through the Learning and Teaching Unit (LTU). To date, the Institute has thirty three (33) academic programmes at the IFM main Campus. Out of that, 21 are undergraduate programmes (Certificate to Bachelor degree programmes) and 12 are postgraduate programmes (Postgraduate Diploma and Masters Programmes) taught in four Faculties. Also, Directorate is engaged in the marketing of academic programmes and the Institute′s activities at large.

There are nine (9) academic programmes currently running at Mwanza Teaching Centre and one (1) academic programme (Masters of Science in Finance and Investment) running at Dodoma Teaching Centre. The Institute is planning to start offering Basic Technician Certificate in Accounting (BTCA) and Basic Technician Certificate in Banking and Finance (BTCBF) at Dodoma Teaching Centre during the academic year 2019/2020.

The Sapiwi-Simiyu Teaching Centre is at the construction stage at the moment and it will start offering Certificate and Diploma programmes in March 2020.

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