This unit is under the Directorate of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) that deals with teaching and learning matters at the institute and its created centers.  It was established since 2009 when the new organization structure was adopted as per National Council for Technical Education requirements (NACTE).

The unit performs duties and responsibilities for smooth achievement of the three core objectives namely teaching, research and consultancy services:

  • Organize mentoring events to academic staff to improve teaching and assessment methods.
  • Organize workshops and seminars to address classrooms teaching and assessment challenges.
  • Assessing teaching and learning effectiveness at the institute.
  • Set teaching, learning and assessment standards at the institute.
  • Plan and execute Curriculum Development Standards at the Institute as per NACTE.
  • Organize and participate in Annual Training Event of Tutorial Assistants.
  • Provide academic advice to students at the Institute.
  • Analyze Examination Results Reports and provide feedback to Management in terms of the overall performance and trends.
  • Oversee the marking of multiple choice questions and analysis of the results.