Welcome To The Faculty of Accounting, Banking & Finance (FABF)

FABF is a successor of the then departments of Banking (the oldest department at the Institute) and Professional Accountancy. The Faculty was established in July, 2010 after the approval of a new IFM Organization Structure. Currently, FABF is the largest faculty at the Institute; it has three departments, Banking and Financial Services, Accountancy and Finance, and General Studies. There are 63 academic staff permanently based and a total of 3,991 registered students in nine programmes, undergraduate and postgraduate. The Faculty offers undergraduate programmes leading to the awards of Certificate in Banking, Certificate in Accountancy, Diploma in Banking, Diploma in Accountancy, Bachelor degree in Banking and Finance, and Bachelor degree in Accountancy. It also offers postgraduate programmes namely; Postgraduate Diploma in Accountancy, Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management, and Masters of Science in Finance. The Faculty believes in and values the Institute’s motto and vision. Thus it strives to ensure that trustworthy and quality services are delivered to all stakeholders.