The Faculty of Computing, Information Systems and Mathematics (FCIM) is one of the fastest growing faculties at IFM. One of the main indicators of its growth is an ever-increasing demand of the various programmes administered by the faculty. The FCIM supports the IFM’s vision and mission by providing high quality and innovative training, research and consultancy in areas of computer science, information technology and mathematics.
The FCIM is proud of having a team of skilled, competent and experienced staff who educate professionals to align technology with business processes.

Through its course offerings, and a variety of supplemental learning resources the FCIM manages to prepare students for different professional careers in information technology and computer science. Furthermore, the FCIM help students throughout the different programmes offered at IFM to develop basic mathematics skills and understanding and therefore satisfy the mathematical needs of students within the FCIM as well as those majoring in other disciplines. Our students enjoy the best learning environment offered. I welcome you to join us so that we can build a strong technological and innovative future together.