Statements from the Dean:

On behalf of all staff of the Faculty of Insurance and Social Protection of the Institute of Finance Management, I welcome all new and returning students to the Faculty of Insurance and Social Protection. The faculty provides information and supports you, to your successful navigation of the insurance and social protection programme you have chosen.

The Degree/Postgaraduate you chosen, provides the educational basis for becoming a professional insurer, social worker, civil servant, pension experts and brokers. In addition, it provides a required and qualified work force to serve Social Protection Sector and Insurance Industry in Tanzania and beyond. However, you will not be recognized as a professional until you have gained substantial work experience. As a professional you would be responsible for peoples’ lives, properties and investments. It is a great responsibility. As such, it is dispensation upon you to strive for a truly deep understanding of the material that is presented in your course of study.

The present time requires skills, knowledge and passion to your career to succeed. If you need assistance in developing a workable approach to real understanding please do not hesitate to consult with your tutors and lecturers and faculty dean for that matter. Apart from the skills represented by your present qualifications, there are two key requirements for success in your respective programmes: you need a sense of motivation and you need a plan. By and large, students who have really excelled in this programme and programmes elsewhere are those who were firm in their conviction that they needed an insurance and social protection certificate or diploma/degree – either for their sheer joy and reward of learning and/or because they were pretty sure that they wanted to start their careers as brokers, pension experts etc. I presumed that, the fact that you have joined the programme, you are convinced that this progamme is the career for you, then you, hopefully have a higher level of motivation to succeed.

The advice given above is more significant given the changes in the market demand. We wish you the greatest success in your study at IFM.

 Kadida Mashaushi (Ph.D)