Welcome To The Faculty of Insurance and Social Protection (FISP)

FISP is a successor of two departments; department of Insurance established in 1972, and department of Insurance and Social Protection which came into effect 1982. The sole objectives of these departments were to conduct training programmes leading to professional qualifications in insurance and social protection, to conduct examinations and grant Diplomas, Certificates and other Awards, to arrange and facilitate conference and seminars, and arrange for the publication and general dissemination of materials produced in connection with insurance and social protection.

To date, these core objectives remain the same expanded and modified to accommodate the cosmetic changes that keep on occurring in insurance and social schemes industries. After Institutional transformation, the IFM strategic plan 2009/2010–2013/2014, amongst other things, provided a structural change of which four faculties were establishment. The faculty of Insurance and Social Protection came into effect in July, 2010 with its three departments – Department of Insurance and Risk Management, Department of Social Protection and the Department of Actuarial Science.