It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Institute of Finance Management (IFM). IFM is a Government higher learning Institution established in 1972 to provide training, research and consultancy in banking, insurance, social protection, taxation, accountancy and business related disciplines. IFM has a wonderful learning environment for students from all over the World who come to pursue different programmes at different levels! 

IFM is guided by well defined philosophy and core values. The Institute’s philosophy is to become an agent of change in public and private sector by offering quality market- driven academic and professional training, as well as research and consultancy service. Our core values include customer focus, academic freedom, accountability, competence, excellence fairness, gender equity and diversity as well as integrity.

Furthermore, IFM is typified by motivated and competent staff; and modern facilities. Also, IFM is a community of individuals who look after and respect each other, who have fun together and where life-long friendships are formed.

As you browse through various pages of our site, you will see for yourself what is on ground and what we have to offer on the process of producing competent graduates.

 We hope you will consider the Institute of Finance Management as your next route to your life success!