Research & Consultancy

IFM handles research and publications, executive development programmes and consultancy services. In line with the Institute's vision of becoming a "Centre of Excellence" in financial studies and business related disciplines in the Southern Africa Sub−region, the Directorate‟s mission is focused on coordinating all postgraduate activities and encouraging both members of academic staff and postgraduate students to conduct and produce regionally and internationally accepted quality academic research works that promote debate in both academic and business communities in the areas of corporate governance entrepreneurship, finance and other business related disciplines.

The Department also collaborates with other external researchers whose interest is in corporate governance, entrepreneurship, finance and other business related disciplines

We run an array of business trainings in 5 selected regions across Tanzania. Each training typically runs for three days and can be reserved up to nine months in advance. We offer about eight training programmes with about 204 topics in various business areas such as Finance, Accounting, Taxation, Human resources, Corporate Governance, Social Protection, Project Management, ICT, Banking, Social Protection, Insurance, Risk Management, Leadership, Strategic Management, Policy and Planning, Corporate Communications, Budgeting and Budgetary Control, Performance Management, Business Soft Skills, Monitoring and Evaluation, Quality Assurance, Corporate Management The topics are packaged under the following training programmes: Corporate Governance and Financial Management; Governance and Management of Enterprise Information Technology; Enterprise Risk Management, Corporate Management and Control; Public Sector Management; Risk Management for Financial Institutions and Banks; Insurance and Social Protection and Business Soft Skills.