It is amongst Reputable Higher Learning Institutions in Tanzania.

As one of the government higher learning institutions, IFM provides learning opportunities for both national and international students. It has established an excellent rapport and stable relations with the public and other international bodies.

It adheres to Competence-Based Curricula that meet the labour market demands.

Unlike the knowledge-based curricula that put much emphasis on knowledge acquisition, IFM offers competence-based training programmes that seek to impart students with balanced three-learning-domains, which are, cognitive (mental ability), affective (attitude and conducts in areas of their professional) and psychomotor (relevant skills in areas of their specialization   ). The curricula enhance students’ confidence which in turn contributes to their success in the labour market.

There is an established conducive learning environment that fosters students’ learning tranquility.

Given the warmth of the weather in Dar es Salaam, a total of 27 classrooms, 10 lecturer theatres and 7 computer laboratories are supplied with air-condition to support a favourate weather for both students and lecturers. Also there is an Institute’s Library with a capacity of 450 individuals at a time. The Library hosts a number of scholarly books, papers and professional manuals, online electronic journals and books for academic and the general public.

We have highly competent, skilled and motivated members of academic staff.

Amongst the higher learning institutions under The National Council for Technical Education (NACTE), IFM stands the highest as its members of academic profile comprises of 62 PhD holders, 79 master’s degree holders, and 3 bachelor’s degree holders. The abroad-training of academic members of staff provides them with wider dimensions of exposure that significantly enhance their capabilities to deliver relevant training needs to students within an integrated competence-based curricula.

We have established a good ICT support for learning.

Students and staff are provided with computing facilities and internet connectivity throughout. An established access to wireless and LAN-based internet connectivity facilitate e-learning and other ICT services to staff and students.

We offer a broad range of professional and market driven programmes in business, finance and other related fields both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

IFM offers different professional programmes in banking and finance, insurance, social protection, accounting, taxation, business administration, management and economics. Other programmes are offered in collaboration with other higher learning institutions from the United Kingdom and India. Currently, there are 21 undergraduate and 16 postgraduate programmes pursued that provide for a wider variation for students to choose from.

We are located at the commercial hub of Dar es Salaam City.

The intersection of Samora Avenue and Shaaban Robert Streets within the central business district and commercial hub of the city of Dar es Salaam where IFM is anchored provides easy access to other nearby places like the Bank of Tanzania, major commercial banks, insurance companies, pension funds and other ministerial institutions. IFM is also situated directly opposite the National Museum where students can spend their leisure time learning the history of mankind and Tanzania. Moreover, the Institute enjoys easy proximity to major hospitals and health centres as well as the legendary Indian Ocean where beautiful beach can be sighted.

There are reliable commuter services and other means of transport.

The location of IFM provides easy access to nearby Dar es Salaam Rapid Transport (DART) Bus Stations (about 1 km away), the central railway station (about 2 km away), the Mwalimu Julius Nyerere International Airport (about 10 km away), Dar es Salaam harbour (about 1 km away) and other commuter services such as (Daladala, about 1 km away). As such, both students who reside outside the IFM Hostel Campus can easily find their way to and from IFM to their residential places at any time.