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Jifunze Uhudumie

Bachelor in Cyber Security


Bachelor Degree


3 Year(s)


Dar Es Salaam,


This program aims to cultivate graduates who possess a heightened awareness of cybersecurity by equipping them with the essential skills required to create and implement secure computer systems and networks, ensuring their secure administration. It is structured to furnish practical expertise in computer network administration and defense, secure systems design and development, along with addressing broader concerns such as privacy, information security, ethical hacking, digital forensics, and computer network security. Furthermore, the program is crafted to instill analytical, problem-solving, and project management skills, enabling graduates to initiate, execute, and oversee projects related to computer systems and networks within enterprise-level businesses. It also seeks to foster innovation among students, encouraging them to become "job creators" in the prepare students to be innovators and encourage them to be “job creators” in the field of Information and Communication Technology.


Programme Objectives

  1. To provide graduates with practical skills to anticipate information security risks and implement new ways to protect organizations’ computer systems and networks; 
  2. To expose graduates to knowledge and practical skills to enable them to securely handle computer communication across multiple operating systems and networks;
  3. To provide graduates with analytical and hands-on skills to enable them to timely respond to security alerts, uncover and fix security flaws in computer systems and networks;
  4. To guide graduates to utilize existing and emerging security tools and technologies to prevent or ethically perform cyber-attacks of various types;
  5. To provide graduates with investigative knowledge and practical skills to enable them to uncover dirty actions of cyber attackers and professionally gather, preserve and present digital evidence;
  6. To expose graduates to legal and ethical issues related to cyber security to enable them to identify and implement legal and ethical ramifications throughout their lives;
  7. To expose graduates to knowledge and skills that will enable them to transform real world problems within their societies into innovative business opportunities.


Item Year of Study Local Students (Tshs) International Students (US$)
Tution Fee 1 1,700,000 2,000
Other Charges 1 250,000 125
Tution Fee 2 1,700,000 2,000
Other Charges 2 150,000 75
Tution Fee 3 1,700,000 2,000
Other Charges 3 50,000 25



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