Rector's note

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Institute of Finance Management (IFM). IFM is a Government higher learning Institution established in 1972 to provide training, research and consultancy in banking, insurance, social protection, taxation, accountancy and business related disciplines. IFM has a wonderful learning environment for students from all over the World who come to pursue different programmes at different levels! IFM is guided by well defined philosophy and core values. 

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Historical Background

Since its foundation in 1972, the Institute of Finance Management (IFM) stands as the oldest higher learning financial institution in Tanzania and ithas been dedicated to excellence in teaching, research, and consultancy. Currently, the Institute enrolls about 9228 students in both undergraduate and graduate programmes. At IFM, students are inspired and challenged to investigate critical issues of the 21st century in areas of financial management, insurance, social protection, and information technology. 

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Students highlight